Feb 142013

A small group of us paid a visit to Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach Wednesday, February 13 in Bedford Park, IL. We were welcomed with open arms, given a tour of the facility, informed about the humanitarian concern the organization is working to address, and then put to work. We happily obliged. We worked on the “first sort” of incoming medical supplies which will eventually be shipped to those in need in developing nations. The need is great as we came to understand it. Mary Ann the warehouse supervisor shared a story with us about a visit one of her colleagues recently took to the Dominican Republic where she witnessed a local clinic washing used gauze bandages and laying them out to dry in the sun so they can be reused. As we stood in a warehouse that contained (among so many other things) probably ten thousand such new gauze bandages that if not for the work for Mission Outreach would be on their way to the landfill, we all realized what we take for granted. It’s not uncommon for hospitals and clinics in some parts of the world to wash latex gloves and reuse them multiple times. Anyone over 13 years of age and older is welcomed to volunteer at Mission Outreach, but they particularly are in need of people with some medical equipment knowledge to help in identifying and sorting. Spread the word please.

Opportunity for Younger Kids

Act Out Now is always on the hunt for service-learning opportunities for younger children. After some conversation with the folks at Mission Outreach, it looks like our kids might be able to help in the assembling of “hygiene hits” which the organization puts together and sends in response to natural disasters when they occur. This is something families could do on their own–or one we could come together as a group to work on. We’re still working out some of the details around this, but look for more on this soon. In the meantime, if you or your family might be interested in helping with this effort, please drop a comment below or e-mail us directly so we know.