Jan 132013

Two years ago I found myself at low place in my career. I had been teaching for about a decade, and became accustomed to students who by and large lacked motivation and interest; they never got past their own inertia and generally had an attitude of indifference that sucked the life right from me. I remember joking with my office mates, saying, “This is the semester I have finally lost faith in humanity.” I was joking, but truly I felt demoralized in a way I had never felt before in my teaching career. It was a hard semester.

I took my lessons learned and knew it was time for a real change. That is how I came to Act Out Now–an education through action project. Students always asked: “When am I going to use this stuff?” “How is this relevant to my life?” “What difference does any of this make?” Now, with a new outlook on what I am doing in my own life and career, I can tell students that they will use it right now, that it’s immediately relevant to their lives and to the lives of so many others, and the difference is of immeasurable importance. This is Act Out Now: Education through Action.