MVCC Service Learning Event: FPDCC


Forest Preserve Volunteers of Cook County

As you know, this semester our research and writing will be focused on service, civic engagement, and community action. During the first half of our semester, or so, I am working to arrange a number of service experiences for you to participate in. I will ask that everybody participate in at least one of these service opportunities during the first half of the semester. I understand that everyone is very busy, has other commitments, and will find it challenging to schedule this kind of work into their lives; however, I also know that this work is essential. So, I ask that you be as flexible as you can. Of course even with flexibility on your part, I understand that the particular opportunities I’ve arranged just might not work for you. If that is the case, it is up to you to arrange another service experience on your own that can fit your schedule. (I’ll will try to work with you to offer ideas where I can, but ultimately it would be your responsibility to find such an opportunity. They’re not hard to find. Just be sure to approve it with me first.) Fair enough? I think so.

I’ve already shared information with you about several service opportunities, and many of you signed-up to attend those. The next service opportunity I have arranged is through the Forest Preserve District of Cook County Volunteers–a volunteer organization in partnership with the Cook County Forest Preserve District. There are many subgroups within this larger volunteer organization. The one we are working with is called the Palos Restoration Project. They work within Region 6 and 7 of the Cook County Forest Preserve, both of which are very near to Moraine Valley.

These volunteer groups work in partnership with the FPDCC in assisting with the control of invasive, herbaceous and woody species, scientific monitoring, trash collection, seed collection and dispersal, and prescribed burns. They hold regular volunteer work days throughout the year. It’s an easy way to get involved and help secure and maintain open and natural spaces for us all to enjoy.

I have arranged for us to participate in an upcoming workday very near the College. Learn about restoration and improve habitat. Cut, stack & burn invasive brush. The Forest Preserve volunteer organization supplies the tools and gloves. Dress for woods and weather. Feel free to ask me or call FPDCC volunteer organizer Joe Neumann at 773.434.1415 for specific details. The details of this scheduled event and how to sign-up if you want to are below. Please check it out.

The Event Details

Date: Saturday, February 23
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Katydid Slough / Willow Springs Woods 9500 S. Willow Springs Rd. Willow Springs, IL 60480
Phone: (773) 434-1415 (Joe Neumann, volunteer steward)

Directions: Crawdad Slough Lot east side of 104th Ave. / Willow Springs Rd, south of 95th Street

Directions from Moraine

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Want to do it? Here’s how.

If you’d like to participate in this event and haven’t already signed-up for it, either let me know in class or e-mail me to let me know right away. If you e-mail, please mention the name of this trip, which of the two days you would like to attend, and how many people you will be bringing with you, if any.

Please RSVP by Noon on February 15.

  1. Sign-up to attend this service event with the FPDCC Volunteers by clicking the link below, which will take you to the “contact the professor” form for our class. Be sure to mention the name of the trip and the date. Also, let me know if and how many people you will be bringing with you, and whether you need a ride (or can offer a ride) from campus.
  2. Again, if you’d like to participate in this service learning opportunity, you need to sign-up for it by no later than noon on February 15.. This is really important, as I need to communicate to the volunteer group our final numbers. As always, I want to make a good impression with this organization, so we can continue to partner with them in the good work they do. Thanks.

Can’t make this event?

Like I said, if you can’t make this event, I understand. I have or will arrange other service outings that might suit you better. More details will follow soon. If the above opportunity works for your schedule, though, please sign-up for it rather than put this off. Keep in mind, you will need to complete one service learning experience before the end of week 8 even if it’s one that you find or design and implement on your own. It feels good to be of service, and it will provide us opportunity to learn and write about important issues.

A Connected Writing Assignment

Whether you choose this service opportunity, another one that I have arranged, or one of your own finding or design, I will ask that you complete a connected writing assignment–a reflection of service, which is due week 9. The details of this assignment will be available soon if they are not already.