Criteria if Finding Your Own SL Opportunity


I’ve arranged multiple service-learning opportunities for the class this semester. Completing one such experience is required for the first half of our semester. However, if you find it impossible to attend any of these, you will have to arrange your own. I might be able to help you find opportunities, but you’ll have to come talk with me about this.

Rolling Your Own

In the end, if you want to find your own service-learning opportunity (for the first half of the semester), you must make sure that the following guidelines are followed:

  • You must spend at least 3 hours on site working with a nonprofit organization with 503(c) status.
  • The experience must be something other than what you already do on a regular basis. The idea is to go out of your way, to go beyond your usual patterns of behavior. Also, it should not be an extension of your employment and you cannot get paid for the activity.
  • There should be clear opportunity for you to learn from the experience, including access to people who have a deeper knowledge on the issue, cause, or concern that the organization addresses.
  • Before spring break begins, you must give me the following details in writing:
    • The name of the organization with which you’d be working
    • The contact information for this organization, including phone, address, and the first and last name of the person-in charge.
    • A brief description of what you will be doing during this service-learning experience.
  • Remember: These details must be communicated to me for approval before you proceed with the project. Failure to do so will result in your associated written work not being accepted for credit.