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Palos Restoration Project

Contact: Jan Pietrzak
Website: Palos Restoration Project


Palos Restoration Project was founded in 1990, holding its first workday at Spears Woods in September of that year. Several original members from that time continue with the group as site stewards today. They volunteer at a dozen different sites and work every weekend of the year. Depending on the season, they cut and burn brush, pull weedy invasive plants like garlic mustard, or collect and distribute seed.


This is the friendliest group of people you could ever hope to be working in the woods with. They are very welcoming and always have enough cookies to go around. It’s really easy to get involved with them. Unless your group is enormous, they are happy to have you just show up on a work day to lend a hand. If you plan to bring a very large group, just let Jan know so they can bring enough gloves, tools, and cookies for everyone.

Map of Work Sites

Time Elapse Restoration