Feb 052013

Monday, February 4, Act Out Now showed up 23-strong at Feed My Starving Children in Aurora, IL to pack food for people who are literally on the brink of death for want of food. The overall group that day was modest–at about 30 in all, where up to 90 is possible in a given shift. We were small in numbers but powerful in our collective will to do something good this day. The food we were packing during this shift was bound for children in the Philippines. In the two-hours we were there, our group packed 41 boxes of food–8,856 individual meals–enough to feed 25 children for a year. Thank you each and every one. The time we spent this day, while joyful in team spirit–filled with music, energy, and laughter–was serious in its effort and results. You literally saved the lives of children. Don’t forget what you did. And do it again soon.