Feb 152013

Act Out Now spent this Friday morning and early afternoon with the kind folks from Habitat for Humanity renovating a home in Park Forest, IL. It was just a small crew–five of us plus the Habitat folks Kevin, Rebecca, and Dean. It was really a good time. We swept, patched, painted, sanded, taped and “mudded” drywall, and removed the exterior siding. All in all, it was light work as the site was waiting on supplies before it could really push on to the next phase of renovation, but we did the best we could and enjoyed one another’s company and the luxury of not having to rush the job.

Kevin–Habitat site supervisor–greeted us when we arrive, and he was great. He took his time and taught us everything we needed to know to do the tasks for the day. He didn’t assume any previous knowledge on our part and he was super patient and encouraging. Heck, I even learned how to “mud” drywall–a job that has always intimidated me to be honest. It really wasn’t that bad. (Some sanding is certainly in order, but I think I could have done worse.)

As the work day drew to a close, we took some group pictures, and talked for a bit more, lingering on even after the work was done, as we were still enjoying getting to know one another better. While dragging my butt out of bed early Friday morning (my usual day off) honestly wasn’t something I was looking forward to, I’m really glad I did it. I hope to see more Act Out Now friends at our building day with Habitat. Kevin and the rest of the folks tell me we’re welcome back anytime.

Feb 142013

This Friday, February 15, an Act Out Now group is heading to Park Forest with Habitat For Humanity of the Chicago South Suburbs to help a family build their home.

Habitat for Humanity is a well-known international organization with many local chapters. It welcomes all people—regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or any other difference—to build and repair simple, decent, affordable houses with those who lack adequate shelter. There are several local chapters throughout Illinois. The Chicago South Suburbs (HFHCSS) local chapter serves 75,000 households in the southern suburbs that are defined as having “critical housing needs”–-meaning that these households are paying too much of their monthly income for housing and/or they are living in substandard quality or overcrowded conditions. HFHCSS is trying to make a difference for these families by helping to provide simple, decent homes. You must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer at HFHCSS. HFHCSS also requires signed safety and waiver forms. This is a great opportunity for teens wanting to learn the joy of hands-on direct service–while picking up some handy building skills along the way.

Act Out Now is excited to work with Habitat for Humanity and will be organizing other outings in the future. Interested in this? Please let us know by dropping a comment below or contacting us directly.