Apr 162013

April 27, 2013 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm, volunteers are needed to assist with the Sertoma Centre annual fundraiser. There are opportunities for people of all ages—kids too! This fundraiser impacts more than 700 lives of people with disabilities living and working in the community!

The mission at Sertoma Centre is “to provide opportunities that empower individuals with disabilities to achieve personal success.” Every day at Sertoma this mission is accomplished by those with developmental, physical, emotional disabilities and /or mental illness. Some of this success is major—like starting a job in the community or moving into their own apartment. Other successes may seem minor to others, but to an individual with disabilities, getting dressed by oneself, learning how to make change at a vending machine, or mastering a new task in the workshop is a meaningful personal success!

For more event information, see the event flyer.

For more information on this and other volunteer opportunities with the Sertoma Centre, contact Laura Gardner, Volunteer Services Manager at lgardner@sertomacentre.org or call 708-730-6211.