Jan 222016

Looking for something to do? Want to make a difference in your community and feel awesome doing it? Get involved and volunteer some time. ActOut Now has a growing list of partners who would welcome you and your family. Click the organizations tab to learn more.

Not the right time for you to get out there in the community? Want to learn more at home? We also have a comprehensive and ever-growing list of resources to help you plan your service-learning experiences, your knowledge of civic skills, community and global matters, voter education, and so on. It’s a good list, and you can add to it if you’d like. There is so much to share and do.

Oct 062014

This is an election year, and each one of us needs to be well informed on the issues that matter most to our country and to our communities. It’s difficult to wade through all the messaging and manipulation that comes with election season, but don’t let this difficulty send you into the voting booth blind or keep you from voting altogether. Don’t forfeit the power you have to participate in your government and to shape the decisions that shape our lives in this country. Vote. But do it smart. Project Vote Smart can help.

Project Vote Smart is a powerful and easy-to-use resource that brings you millions of facts on over 40,000 politicians. Their online tools make what might otherwise be an overwhelming task quite doable—and actually kind of fun. Easily find critical information regarding where your politicians stand on the issues that matter most to you.

Check it out → Project Vote Smart

Oct 062014

It’s been a while coming, but our resource page is growing with many valuable resources and links to help you take your service learning projects to the next level. We’re adding resources more quickly now than ever before. Currently you’ll find information across many categories including advocacy/policy, civic engagement, curriculum, service learning, voter education, and topical/social issues. You will also find links to quality lectures on subjects related to education and democracy.

As with other areas of this site, we also welcome your input to help build it. If you know of a valuable resource link that you think should be added to our resource page, suggest it here → Recommend a Resource.