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Director of Marketing Contact: Allison McDonald
Work 319 North Albany Chicago IL 60612 USA Work Phone: 312-957-8558 Website:


Bookwallah is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose vision is to transform the lives of children who have undergone hardship by sharing the gift of imagination. Our mission is to collect and distribute children’s storybooks, set up libraries, and spread the joy of reading to children of orphanages and children’s homes throughout the world. The origin of the name of the organization comes from the Hindi translation “bookwallah” which means “book peddler”. We believe by opening a child’s world to imagination and exploration, we can greatly improve their lives and the lives around them. We also believe that the magic of stories can help foster creativity and innovation within a society.


Bookwallah offers a three main programs to assist children in orphanages in other areas of the world. These programs are: delivering books to children, setting up reading areas in orphanages, and providing reading services. They also have a Buddy program that allows students, teachers, classrooms, and communities to assist the Bookwallah Organization by collecting and providing storybooks to children of orphanages throughout the world.

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319 North Albany Chicago IL 60612 USA