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Music for Lombok

Contact: Kat Vallera
Work Phone: 708-217-7486 Website:


Music for Lombok is a not-for-profit organization that brings muscic, art, and English education to the children of an orphanage in Lombok, Indonesia. The orphanage’s school is called Al-Ashriyah, located in the village of Sesela Genung Sari. In comparison to Western standards the school is run down and in serious need of tender loving care. There is currently no music program beyond a single acoustic guitar and computer. Using only these resources, the students continue to express their creativity and youthful spirit by making music and videos. Music for Lombok seeks to provide more instruments and instruction to help the children enhance their creative skills, while also having the opportunity to practice their English with volunteer teachers.


Music for Lombok is a program centered around music to help the orphans in Lombok to get education and learn about the world thru new and different cultures perspective. Thru this program volunteers will help teach the children in Lombok music and foreign languages. Music for Lombok also welcomes donated musical instruments.

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Music for Lombok on Woldview
Music for Lombok on Worldview